A Tryst With Nature

The soft pitter patter of the rain on the terra cotta tiles created a pleasant rhythmic beat. The girl looked out of the window as she closed her eyes. The droplets of water that splashed on her face gave her a warm feeling despite the cold and winds with freezy temperatures blowing, washing over her like a cold bath in the arctic. The soft smell of the wet soil wafted in from the broad window of her room as she sat there staring into infinity. A small sparrow came and sat on the windowsill. As it flitted from place to place on the roof and fluffed its feathers she couldn’t help but think of how much freedom she could enjoy on the back of the two wings the sparrow had come to live by. The leaves of her favourite garden tree quivered as they shook in the wind and because of the water that softly fell on them temporarily dislodging the leaves from their false and momentary emptiness.

She came out of the house and let the rain soak her to the bone and let the wind rip the air out of her lungs. The fresh crisp and cool air seemed to feel like the first bite one takes out of an apple. Full of flavour and extremely fresh. The cold didn’t trouble her and the wind was a minor discomfort. She spread her hands out and spun letting her skirt fan out and catch the wind as she enjoyed and took in each and every moment of the rain.

In thise few moments she relived her best moments. Her first words. Her first crush. Her last exam. Everything came back to her as if it had occured just yesterday. For once she could live away from her everyday life and just enjoy her existence.

Nature had a wonderful way of bringing it all together even when the pieces lay miles apart. She realized that it was from this cosmos that we all originated and it is back into this cosmos that we shall all fall back into. In those few moments all talk of nature being completely destroyed seemed so futile. It was this nature that gave her a fresh breath of life and the power to rejuvenate and reinvent herself.

The nature was her respite. Her haven if you will.

As the rain ended so did her tryst with the outside world. The doctors wheeled her back into the Simon Cancer Institute.

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We talk about it all the time. Our leaders aren’t good enough. Our leaders aren’t competent enough. But a time comes when we all must stop blaming others and try to see what is wrong with us.


Leadership fundamentally means when a person rises to meet the occasion and in doing so does it with gusto. A leader is not one who demands confidence but rather the one who commands it. An interesting analogy can be drawn up with the popular television serial blockbuster in the 1960s a phenomenon called Star Trek. So picture this, a guy called Captain Kirk shows up on the USS enterprise and they make him their leader? No. He is definitely not the smartest guy on the ship, nor is he the most knowledgeable, nor is he the most lovable(although some girls might think his rugged look to be handsome). So what skill set makes him capable of understanding and running this large ship? The answer is a skill set called leadership.


A leader does not garuntee that the person has to bee a good human being as well.


A leader is not necessarily the strongest, the most intelligent, the coolest, the most knowledgeable person in the room. He simply brings out those qualities in those around or with him. But more often than not you will find him to the most humble.


Humbleness in a leader is as essential to salt in a culinary miracle. Many people I know have great capacity to be a leader but are not because of their arrogance which brings about their downfall.


Why one of the greatest leaders in the world, Hitler also was very humble whenever he was in public. Just as almost all the great leaders of the world, he was playing the crowd just right.


All great leaders are without exception great orators and have the capacity to fight the war plainly with their voice and their inspiring words. Why even a half dead soldier might just be turned into a war horse just by listening to his general valiantly ready to lay down his life in the war for his country inspiring the soldier to do the same.


The world is full of examples like these and it is now time for us to step-up and take responsiblity.


To take on the attitude if we won’t then no one will. Get things done our way. So everybody get ready to shake the world!!!!

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Not an emotion of the weak

better referred to as the virtue of the strong


To a five year old personified by his mother,

To a fifteen year old his lover,

To a twenty five-year old his friend,

And to a sixty-five year old his soul-mate,


A seat proffered to many all our life,

But taken up by only a few,


Complex to imagine,

And yet simple and abundant to experience,


Its tangled skeins lay all around us and are yet,

difficult to see,


Purest in childhood and best understood in old age,


A tale as old as time,

A song as old as rhyme,


A sea unfathomable by even the most experienced sailor,

An equation unsolvable to even the most accomplished mathematician,


A weapon un-pointable toward our enemies and most easily turned on friends,

A great advantage to hold,

Yet the worst advantage to lose,


It is the emotion of Love.

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Death and other Inconveniences…

I want my worst enemy to set fire to my pyre,

signifying of just how helpless I am on that day as he was on the other,


I want my best friend to shoulder my body and carry me to my final site of rest,

telling him of how I want to thank him for offering to shoulder my responsibilities and sorrows even after i have left all that I own,

And how one still has to continue on any journey no matter how hard it might be on him,


I want my parents to look at their son,

To beckon me towards the light,

and shed tears for joy for it is today that they are finally reunited with their son,

As I ascend to on high and meet them again,


I want my wife to look on and smile,

As she looks onto me travelling to a much better place than here and promises to join me only when God wishes and not on her terms,

I want her to feel sad for the loss of a soul-mate and much more ,


I want my son to look to the sky and honour a relationship,

Something we both cherished,

And at the same time take my ashes and smear them on his forehead,

Truly accepting that I have now passed on,


I want my daughter to look to her husband,

And see the divine spark of understanding and love pass between them,

For only then will I know that I made her capable of the right choice,


The truth does not lie in the eye of the beholder but rather in the eye of the observer,

for only when they too accept it is it really accepted,

And so I will keep on living for those who truly and completely believe


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